Current Status and Future Roadmap

The development can roughly be divided into three parts:


We have collaborated with a few hardware partners for the design and development of the CarMiners. Our hardware has been developed, certified and is currently being tested with our backend. These devices are cellular and have edge-computing capabilities to monitor driver events like harsh acceleration, braking, cornering and towing events. They will also have OTA update functionality. harsh acceleration, braking, cornering and towing events. They will also have OTA update functionality.

Future development will be towards bringing more hardware providers onboard (similar to helium) and improving on the edge-analytics capabilities. We are also working on dashboard cameras, v2x/internet-of-vehicles gateways and smart helmets to widen our spectrum and also incorporate more use cases


On the web3 side we have our token, NFTs and multisig contracts ready. So a user will be able to mint, burn, and transfer NFTs and also interact with the token contracts to check their SDT/CAR token balance. The multisig wallet will be used to maintain the treasury.

The future roadmap works towards decentralising the system even more and on bridging to other platforms. We will work towards having more data on the chain and having soul-bound tokens to represent the drivers on-chain. Also include the feature of NFT leasing for more financial inclusion. The multisig contract will be superseded with a governance contract with $CAR to completely enable the DAO structure. The work will also be towards enabling more use-cases like car-pooling with on-chain proofs like Proof-of-Commute for ride services, proof-of-location for fleet management and rentals.

Another area of focus will be for cross-chain bridging to bring users and services from other chains into our ecosystem. The aim is to eventually be a specialised L2 for cars.


This will be both the mobile application and the backend. It includes, storing the car, driver and trip data, storing the NFT data, game mechanics as well as the analytics that we provide on them. We have built our backend and mobile application and are currently in the testing phase. We have also collaborated and integrated with Smartcar for another stream of Car Data to tap into.

The future roadmap would include fine tuning the game mechanics, adding quests and other game elements and also improving upon our analytics and the actionable insights we generate from car/driver data. Once a threshold number of users has reached and the community has matured enough, we plan on releasing our car-pooling application; which will be the first of many use cases we will enable on our platform.

Fleet management is another field where we see a lot of potential. We are in the development phase of a fleet management platform and will be revealing that soon after the mobile application as well

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