Web2 vs Web3 - Why build this on Web3?

Earn While Driving

Connect to the ROADRUNR protocol either by purchasing the Gaming NFTs or the Hardware device or both to earn crypto tokens while driving. ROADRUNR’s gameplay is designed such that users are rewarded for performing simple yet important tasks of onboarding to Web3, creating their own CAR NFTs and then driving safely.

Car Telematics

The ROADRUNR hardware device is a plug and forget device which constantly monitors your car for any in-built failures and keeps you up to date with your car health and servicing needs. It can also help you track your car in case of theft or any other unwanted usage or driving.

In-built NFT Marketplace

ROADRUNR mobile app has an in-built NFT marketplace to trade NFTs. It charges a small 3% fee on the exchange of NFTs through the marketplace.

In-App Wallet

ROADRUNR mobile app has an in-app wallet where you can transfer and use your crypto holdings to play, earn and use car related services.

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