Fleet Management and Car Rental

Car Rental and Fleet Management Car Rental Services are another set of services which will greatly benefit with roadrunr’s telematics and Vehicle EHR system. On the consumer side, one can have pay-as-you-ride systems which charge for rental services not just using vehicle make and trip length/duration, but based on the driving characteristics and vehicle as well. Vehicle EHRs also improve the transparency in the system allowing the consumers to choose a vehicle better suited for their journey. Telematics based rental fleets will provide fleet managers with real-time visibility of every vehicle in their fleet.

This will bring in many benefits in terms of control and accessibility. But, the major benefits this will bring is to operational efficiency. Fleet management systems (such as RentalMatics) not only inform fleet managers as to a vehicle’s location but also where they are in relation to gas stations, cleaning bays, garages, body shops and rental locations. This has radically changed the entire return process.

With fleet management software powered by telematics, staff know when a vehicle is approaching the branch for a return. Before the car pulls in, staff can access information about the vehicle, the rental agreement and any incidents that might have occurred during the rental period. GPS tracking can determine whether or not a vehicle has recently stopped at a gas station, if not there might be refuelling charges due. Once the renter has left the branch, the turnaround process begins. Before, during busy periods, a car might have been left to sit there and go unnoticed.

Now, a monitoring system built into the telematics management solution identifies when a vehicle is sitting idle, when it has passed through the cleaning bay, or has been fully processed and added to the rental system. This not only drives operational efficiency but increases utilisation and revenue.

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