Wheel NFT

These NFTs are game NFTs that have no relation to the physical world. WHEEL NFTs have the attribute Resilience (R) to reflect CAR NFT Durability (D). The amount of decrease in D depends on the Resilience. The more the Resilience, the lesser the decrease in durability.

There are different types of WHEEL NFTs for maximizing earnings on different daily driving distances (day is based on UTC time):

WHEEL NFT TypeMin distance (km/mile)Max distance (km/mile)



15 / 9


15 / 9

100 / 62


100 / 62

250 /155


250 / 155

500 / 310

Drivers who drive about 10 km on a normal day and occasionally drive 200 km should purchase X1 and X4 WHEEL NFTs to maximize their rewards on both days.

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