Hardware Devices

ROADRUNR CarMiners collect real time data from cars which help measure your car health and service needs. While mobile telematics provides us with 14 parameters to evaluate the driver, physical CarMiners enable us to monitor upto 200 parameters to evaluate the driver as well as the car.These devices can be used for remote diagnostics, geo-fencing, predictive maintenance as well as pay-as-you-drive insurance.

Having physical hardware aiding collection of real world data, attaching it to MachineFi NFTs and DIDs helps us solidify our position of asset tokenization and allow ROADRUNR drivers to access advanced services from finance to repair.

As we build our Web3.0 network of IoT devices, ROADRUNR members of this network will gain access to new ground-breaking services and earn extra rewards per trip for logging data via the CarMiners.

We also plan on starting a developer/data-punks program wherein ROADRUNR enthusiasts developing services/insights/analysis on this data will be rewarded with development grants. Both data developer and data provider will be rewarded.

Mining rewards from CarMiners can be availed by adding the CarMiner add-on to the Car NFT. Like mobile telematic data, CarMiner data will also be attributed to the Car NFT. The benefits the user will get from using CarMiners are numerous:

  • Higher Rewards for drivers

  • Car-pooling for intercity/ long-distance (>100Km) will only be available for users with CarMiners. This is because Car Health is as important as driving behaviour in long distance travel. It is important for the safety of both the user and driver.

  • Users will have the option to join the developers/datapunks program wherein they will have access to new, cutting-edge services built upon this data. They will also be provided with unique trip insights only possible with car data.

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