The ROADRUNR mobile application is a user friendly application which helps you interact with the ROADRUNR protocol. A few starting features include:

  • Users can import their digital assets (Tokens and NFTs) into the mobile application by connecting with the in-app wallet

  • One can purchase or sell ROADRUNR NFTs in the in-built NFT marketplace

  • Earn while driving by linking your ROADRUNR NFTs with your CAR NFT

  • Monitor your Car Health and servicing needs with the help of mobile and car data telematics

  • Avail services like Carpooling, Ride sharing, Car Resale, etc. by becoming a part of the ROADRUNR community

The ROADRUNR mobile application has been built on Flutter and is compatible with both Android and IOS based devices. Its backend is powered by Java and Solidity and uses Spring Framework and Blockchain technology to make the software secure and scalable. Data is stored in data oracles in a relational database model. This provides fast reads of data for performing analytics or processing any other queries. The protocol is highly scalable and secure.

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