The new generation of millennial drivers are tech savvy, plugged into social media and rely on their smartphones to organise all mobility aspects demanding customised web services that adapt to their lifestyle.

The pace of innovation in automotive software and electronics is accelerating to accommodate this trend, with connected car technology becoming standard in new vehicles by OEMs. However, the centralised data networks created by OEMS are siloed and fragmented. Decentralisation will remove the friction to unlocking this car data value.

OEMs have already developed cars with Wi-Fi and favoured social apps like Facebook and Twitter. Centralised connected vehicles link to road systems, other cars made by that OEM, vehicle manufacturers, retailers and gas stations etc to create massive amounts of data that can help customers but with the the fast evolving needs of a growing population, densification and tech savvy drivers the need for a decentralised car connected system is urgent.

ROADRUNR’s connected car network on Web 3.0 will create safer, sustainable driving and its game-fi elements will create a fun and financially rewarding experience for users.

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