Carpooling/ Ride Sharing

With ROADRUNR, we will provide users with not just a “social score” used by most Ride Sharing/Pooling platforms today, but a car health and driving score as well, greatly improving the transparency in the system. Crypto Economic incentives also ensure that ride fares, despite being driven by market forces, will be relatively less when compared to traditional ride-sharing applications, while still being lucrative for the drivers.

Analysing and learning from both the benefits and the flaws of current centralised offerings from the likes of UBER, BLABLACAR and Didi we’re developing the future of mobility. A decentralised, community-driven, peer-to-peer, web3 car-pooling service; Mobility 3.0. The biggest differences from the current crop of ride services will be:

  1. Car health and driving score for better transparency in the system

  2. Very small-to-no cut taken by the service developers

  3. Complete transparency in system with prices decided mutually by user and driver

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