$SDT Token

The $SDT, or Safe Driving Token, supply is unlimited. Drivers earn $SDT when they drive and share trips on ROADRUNR protocol. $SDT distribution happens at the end of each day (00:00 UTC) and $SDT is rewarded based on distance driven by the user that day and other factors of NFT as discussed above. The $SDT is burned for:

  1. NFT Minting

  2. NFT repair

  3. Player Level-up

  4. NFT Leasing / renting

  5. Event participation

Almost all in-game activities (bar some requiring $CAR tokens) will require burning of $SDT. There is no direct conversion/peg between $CAR and $SDT, the prices of these two tokens will be independent of one another purely based on market forces. One can be converted into another based on the prevailing $CAR/$SDT market rate.

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