Why do Engine, Wheel and Body NFTs not have any properties of your actual real world car?

These are fun creative gaming NFTs enabling your CAR NFT to earn rewards. These are intended for trading in the NFT marketplace and therefore does not derive value from the physical car.

Rationale behind segregation of the CAR NFT from the reward earning NFTs

CAR NFT is a digital representation of one’s real world car. Selling this NFT wouldn’t make sense unless one is actually selling the real world car. On the other hand, the reward earning NFTs can be purchased, replaced, upgraded and sold at the ROADRUNR NFT marketplace. The investment done on NFT upgradation reflects the value that the market assigns to your NFT. An upgraded NFT will be more valuable in the market and its value should ideally increase with the level of upgradation. Furthermore, the CAR NFT serves as DID for your actual car. This CAR NFT has use cases around it. The other NFTs don’t have any use cases individually and moreover are not generally sold as individual components to car owners.

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