Reward System

Efficiency (E), Resilience (R), and Style Points (S) depend on the user level, Game NFT grades and Add-on materials on the Game NFTs. The user’s rewards per km driven are a function of E,R,S,T,M,H,D attributes

$SDT token rewards per km are calculated in the following way

Reward(R)=E.CT.CD.M.H.SReward (R) = E.C_T.C_D.M.H.S
CT=Cx1.Min(15,D)+Cx2.Min(100,D)+Cx3.Min(250,D)+Cx4.Min(500,D)C_T = C_{x1}.Min(15,D) + C_{x2}.Min(100,D) + C_{x3}.Min(250,D) + C_{x4}.Min(500,D)
CD=0.9(Durability<50):and:0.1(Durability<20)C_D = 0.9 (Durability < 50):and:0.1 (Durability < 20)

M = Reward coefficient for owning a Miner device

S = Reward Scaling factor

Parameters are ROADRUNR system parameters subject to continuous changes.

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