ROADRUNR is a platform for car drivers, gamers and car service providers, gamifying and rewarding your driving experience. Its drive-to-earn mechanism incentivizes people (through in-app crypto token rewards) to drive safely. The cool thing about earning these tokens is that they can be directly converted into fiat money instead of having limited utilities like in other apps.

ROADRUNR also shows your Car Health and informs you about everything you need to know about your car, right from the current mileage to your car servicing needs.

The ROADRUNR network is a decentralised connected cars network built around empowering car drivers and enabling them to collect, protect, share, own and monetize their Data. Starting with Carpooling and Car Resale, there will be numerous services built on top of this data which the people in the network can use and get rewarded while doing so. On a similar concept, a decentralised browser (Brave browser - founded by the founder of Mozilla Firefox browser) exists which gives the control of their data to the users. The users are directly paid in $BAT tokens for watching advertisements on the browser.

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