This will be the digital twin of a physical car. The profile of the car associated with the CAR NFT will be built on the blockchain with the help of data received from the car. The CAR NFT cannot be sold and can only be transferred. One should ideally transfer the CAR NFT to the new owner of the physical car in case of a car resale. Each CAR NFT will have the following attributes:

  • Health - This will be based on the car condition and how well it is driven

  • CarMiner - It will be 1 if the ROADRUNR device is connected to the Car else 0. We have explained more about the CarMiner later in the document

  • Durability - parameter which decreases after each trip. If durability decreases below 20, it impacts the rewards earned while driving (rewards reduce 10 times). It can be replenished by burning $SDT.

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