What components will be on Web3 initially?

There were many design choices which had to be made while building ROADRUNR. The decisions were based on the following points:

  • Ownership of the valuable assets should be with the users

  • Data storage and streaming should be fast, cheap and scalable

  • Upgradation and Bug Fixes in the protocol should be fast and cost efficient

$SDT and $CAR tokens will be on-chain with liquidity against other tokens and stablecoins. This is a must as this will be the main incentive driving the entire community.

NFTs will also be on-chain with most of its properties on blockchain. A few properties related to the gameplay requiring frequent change in values will be stored in data oracles for faster and cheaper transactions.

User data will be stored in real world data oracles for faster and cheaper storage and streaming. Access to the data will be cryptographically protected and can be granted only by the data producers.

User identities will be on-chain using standard rules for DIDs. This will enable publicly visible on-chain ownership of digital assets.

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